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Free Hosting Services

There are several free hosting services available on the net. One would think that getting free hosting is the way to go if you want to set up a quick cheap website. 

It might be cheap in the sense that you don't pay them for the service. The problem is that they have complete control over your website. You get a small amount of memory to store your files and they disallow hosting of images or videos or anything that you want to add to your website. 

You are forced to monitor your website 24 hour a day because if someone uploads something wrong your website is suspended and you lose all your files.

That is more expensive on the long run if you spent time creating those files. You can't plan for the future because you don't own anything and they can shut you down when ever they feel like it. Rendering your time and effort wasted.

10xhost is a perfect example of a lousy hosting free service. Why is it free? Because they hope that when you see how lousy the free hosting is , that you will end up paying for the premium service. If that is the case then why not simply go to a paid service from the start?

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