I am a songwriter originally from Mexico D.F. . Speak and write in several languages . My influences vary from Al D’Meola to Mahavishnu , Vivaldi to Zappa and anything in between . My love for experimentation drove me to start this journey with my music … VrijVlinder means free butterfly in Dutch . It is pronounced FriFlinder . This is my project . I am recording out of my home studio . I play Guitar , Bass , Harmonica , T Flute , Sax , some Keys . I love building songs and the recording process itself . I have performed live as well as T.V. . 

Animation and CG art are my other passions . Making Flash animations , and web page design as-well as blinker and winker animated gifs from one single photograph . Short movies are also my favorite to make . 

As a songwriter multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer affiliated with NARAS (National Academy for the Recording Arts and Sciences ) I love Music But I am a mad scientist at heart . I love creating and creative people . MIG Welding is my favorite for creating useful things as well as art . I am also a Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician,Mason, Auto Mechanic, Taylor, boot Designer, Paintor (art) , Potter, Writer , modern Furniture designer and builder , Fixer of most anything . Certified open water SCUBA diver . Yes I can hardly believe it myself , but my friends remind me , that I am an accomplished woman .

My beliefs , Imagination is the making of images expressed art form and is the vehicle of prayer and other forms of wanting or wishing. Fear too is a kind of prayer, though to a different god or no god at all. Images can be visual, musical, temporal, conceptual, poetical, verbal, sexual, positional, attitudinal, emotional, etc. But all images are ultimately self images, bits and pieces of what we’d like or wouldn’t like to be associated with. Everything we perceive or think about serves to enhance or diminish some aspect of how we see ourselves and, by extension, others. You can’t be hurt and you can’t die, but you can imagine things that can and identify with them…. 

I have been so fortunate to have gotten the chance to become friends and play with some fantastic people who showed me by example that the most important thing is the song . It is an entity all in itself . It is born from an idea then it takes off and one nurtures it as it grows . A good song takes us in directions we did not expect to ever go . 

It lives after we are long gone….

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